Our time is spent

How we Indians spend our time in a year is remarkable but there is no worthy work in development other than mind. Some people do not work and keep all of us busy in this way. The year is started with Bhajans like Ramkatha, Bhagabat katha , Radhe krishna Bhajan, Shiv katha. After that we start for yatra like Amarnath yatra, Kailash yatra, Chardham yatra,kawari yatra and so other yatras. Then we begin our pujas like Ganesh, Durga, krishna janmastami, Kali puja, Saraswati puja. Then Festivals of harvesting come in the winter season. We remain busy for a long time, then we spend days in EID, Christmas. The year comes to an end.


It is not a surprise

When we look at people’s reaction in any problem of the country we see superficial action only to this.The reality is something else. Our knowledge is restricted and Govt never disclose any truth. Only we depend on history that may not be correct. Right to information is there. It is applicable to some cases. I failed to collect information through RTI several times. It is true if there is power any thing can be done. Our representatives to the parliament only think about us when they want votes.

Kashmir and Bengal

Kashmir was forcefully included in India why not Bengal in 1947.In both cases percentage of Muslim population was more than fifty percent. Kashmir was willing to join Pakistan. Nehru illegally included Kashmir in India introducing article 370 for Kashmiris. Nehru’s forefathers were from Kashmir. He was kashmiri Brahmin.
It was a great unfortunate that no one was there to help for East Bengal.Where was Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, why he didn’t say anything for Bengal? Dr. Shyama Prasad was fighting against article 370.I wonder if there were no article 370,Kashmir would have been a part of Pakistan. Now article 370 is abolished and J&K included permanently in India.

Week one – Mediocre expectations

You join with me

Learning to write

First of all, I think it is important for to me to explain the position I am in, and how it came to be. Just this year I graduated with a 1st class honours degree from the University of Reading. My degree was in Nutrition and Food science and I had a year in industry between my 2nd and 3rd years. My expectation was to go into industry after my degree and nine-to-five-it until I had accumulated just enough resources to not have to do that anymore and sit around all day doing ‘whatever I wanted’, being perfectly mediocre, all the while imagining being rich and successful.
During my final year, I did my dissertation with (someone anonymous, we shall call C), looking at discolouration of lettuce. This was essentially a continuation of the work I had been doing on my placement. Towards the end of the project, C asked…

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What is true for Indians

Indian history says, this country’s people were the spectators of the events. They were not aware of the world history and never knew of their rulars under whom they were living. What was the name of their country and to whom he was obligated to. Their lives were controlled by Local authorities like landlords and Brahmins.They didn’t know their country’s name. Therefore their country’s name gradually changed from Jambudweep to Aryabarta and then Bharatvarsha then Hindustan afterwards India.Now they are known as Indians.The native people are so ignorant that they are still being deprived from education and knowledge not knowing how they are exploited by their Govt.

After the election war

This subcontinent is now a land of a particular Govt where no opposition can defeat them in any way. They have come to the power with peoples mandate and now they have all centralized power.

Who will be PM of this country

“>Our PM had been selected by Adani Ambani in 2014. It had been decided before election that Modi would be PM. This time also it is decided. After election it will come in limelight. Why it is so. The economy is in the hands of few people of this country. They decide. The man who is supporting the economy of the country is responsible for the mess. He is serving not for the people, by the people but for his own men.